Is this the Worst Hockey Meme of All Time?


Lets break this down a little bit.

  • Right off the bat, lets begin by slashing away some fiction. Rich Peverley wasn’t revived. Rich Peverley never died. He collapsed and passed out, and if he wasn’t attended to quickly, things could have taken a turn for the worst, but at no point in this scenario was Rich Peverley dead.
  • Secondly, trying to go back into a game after regaining consciousness isn’t tough, it’s stupid. If whatever happened was that severe, be it head trauma, heart trauma, blood loss, whatever, you’re in no condition to play for a long time, and anybody with a functioning brain would realize this. Of course, at that moment, ┬átheir brains are indeed not fully functioning, so you can cut some slack.
  • Hockey Players aren’t the only ones to do this. We’re comparing Peverley to those wusses who play basketball right? Go look up Rudy Tomjanovich. He was punched by Kermit Washington in a basketball fight (they were more common than today, until this incident), was knocked out, and regained consciousness before paramedics could get him out of the building. He got into a screaming match, demanding to be put back into the game. One of the paramedics asked if he had a bitter taste in his mouth. He said yes and asked how they knew that. They told him it was spinal fluid. He gave up and complied.
  • Why do we feel the need to compare sports based on how “tough” our players are? It doesn’t mean anything in terms of actually comparing the games, other than make players feel obligated to put their bodies on the line so they don’t get laughed at. It encourages a reckless culture.
  • Lebron played for several minutes on that leg cramp, visibly in pain after finishing every run, before eventually tapping out. Hockey fans still ripped him for not staying out long enough and feeling pain. Then again, they also ripped him for going off with a “nose bleed” earlier this year, despite his nose being shattered. By the way; he came back from his injury early, wearing a mask, and in one of those games crossed the 60 point mark. What a wuss.
  • A leg cramp is a temporary pain, yes, but try playing a running-based sport like basketball on it. I’ve had leg cramps. For the first hour or so, I basically take one step, cry a lot, and try again in a few minutes. Most of us would be the same way.

Professional athletes across all sports are tougher than we could ever imagine being, on a physical level. That’s why they’re where they are. There’s no need to turn their reactions to pain into a perpetual pissing contest. It creates a culture where players start to consider it bad if they report their injuries, it causes people to argue about things that shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and is generally just stupid.

Especially when we pretend that someone died to make him seem tougher. Seriously, how the hell did this go viral?

One thought on “Is this the Worst Hockey Meme of All Time?

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