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A Weekend At The Surface Cafe

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, the only thing that rivals my love and obsession with the game of hockey is my passion for technology. My … Continue reading

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Five Hole For Food

If you asked me what my idea of an unrealistic dream job would be, my answer would probably be “Professional Street Hockey Player”. Touring the country, deking around with an … Continue reading

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To say that my travelling history is extensive would be one of the biggest overstatements in the history of this planet. At 22 years old, “going away” had meant a … Continue reading

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Daily: June 25th

I don’t know how successful this is going to be in terms of me committing, but I’d really like to get this blog back on track. Trying to think of … Continue reading

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Over Analyzing Clickbait

For some reason, Ludacris is on Facebook. For some further reason, his page was in my News Feed despite me not liking it. To top it all off, for some … Continue reading

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A Hospital Visit

About a week ago , I started feeling pretty sick. No big deal, the person I was hanging out with was feeling a sore throat and thought they may have … Continue reading

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The $20 Starting Six

A really cool idea was put forth by @mhenderson95 and @ballislife the other day. Basically, you have $20 to spend on building an all time starting lineup of NHL players. … Continue reading

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A Reunion

On Saturday, I went to my High School Reunion. It wasn’t a reunion that was specifically for my graduating class, but one that was in celebration of the school lasting … Continue reading

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