Jeff Veillette

Something that you should aggressively ignore

Hello there! My name is Jeff Veillette, though you might know me as Jeffler. I am… a lot of things.

“Professionally” (it’s 2015, do we still say that?), I’m a content creator. Most of my work is either written or visual, and often pertaining to hockey. I started my first blog when I was thirteen years old and am mostly self-taught, relying on experimentation and peer review to get myself where I am today. While a lot of my early work is hard to track down these days, you can currently find me on┬áNations Network, SB Nation, The Faceoff Circle, and occasionally on other outlets. My coverage of the Toronto Marlies has lead to AHL-wide media credentials for the past four seasons, and I represented SB Nation as their credentialed Maple Leafs writer at the 2014 NHL Winter Classic.

I also have experience in the social media world. A forward-thinker by nature, I’ve established presences on many platforms while they were still emerging. As a teenager, I anticipated the growth of sports video content online and parlayed that into one of the most successful YouTube channels in Canadian history and a “power user” presence on the former incarnation of The success here helped me direct attention to my written work, and helped establish myself on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. Today, I am part of Five Hole For Food’s social media team and manage and’s social platforms.

Oh, and I’m always looking for ways to expand in both fields; if you’re interested in collaborating, definitely let me know!

Beyond all of this, I’m just another 23-year-old Canadian. I live and breathe hockey, enjoy a ton of other sports, know more about technology than most people ever should, and have very strong opinions on all you can eat sushi. I listen to a ton of music, have the world’s greatest dog, and a family that means the world to me. I’m a big advocator of taking care of your body and mind, helping and listening to others, and never giving up on your dreams.

Check out the links to the left if you want to see some of the things I do on a day to day basis.



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