Jeff Veillette

Something that you should aggressively ignore

About That Billboard


Complex Magazine just posted an article about a Drake billboard, which they received from Word On Road, the official Drake fan site. It matches his digital cover for the song “Days in the East”… what can he possibly be planning? Read more of this post

Smoke Photos From Dufferin and Castlefield


I grew up on the intersection of Locksley Avenue and Ridelle Avenue. As such, I had to take that way home today when I learned of the six alarm fire at Franklin and Castlefield (which wasn’t anywhere near as bad when I passed by it going south). I didn’t take pics from a ton of vantage points, but here are a few: Read more of this post

Write About.. Hair


Why not both?  Who wins the hair battle? Read more of this post

Write About… Reality TV


Here’s the thing…. Read more of this post


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